MIX is a service provided to WCET and SAN members and to some members of the public as an online medium to ask questions and share knowledge within the professional community. Opinions and views expressed within the communities are solely those of the author and do not represent WCET, SAN, or WICHE.

Please do:

  • use the groups to share knowledge, build your reputation as an expert,
  • include your name and affiliation in postings,
  • be polite and respectful in your posts and replies,
  • keep it clean (i.e., no profanity or obscenity),
  • give credit where credit is due by citing your sources,
  • search before posting a question, it may have been answered already,
  • report illegal or inappropriate postings you find within a community to wcetinfo@wiche.edu or 303.541.0200

Please don't:

  • try to sell a product/program,
  • share Confidential Client, student, or staff information,
  • post defamatory, abusive, threatening, offensive or illegal materials - don't post anything you don't want the public to see,
  • post promotional messages (e.g., products/services, job postings, firm/business acquisitions, programs not affiliated with WCET, SAN, or WICHE)
  • post unnecessary messages to the whole group; instead, send appreciative notes directly to the sender rather than posting to the whole group,
  • send angry, critical, sarcastic or emotionally charged messages.

WCET and SAN will:

  • create new forums as requested when there is sufficient interest by members,
  • monitor forum postings and respond to user complaints about specific postings,
  • review and moderate all posts unless the group is noted as being "unmoderated,"
  • remove a posting if it violates the code of conduct,
  • remove a member from a forum who continues to violate the code of conduct after receiving a warning,
  • occasionally display, copy, publish and distribute information posted within the forums for the purposes of marketing and encouraging member usage.

If you have questions, suggestions or problems using MIX, please contact us at wcetinfo@wiche.edu.